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Each year Friends of Chernobyl’s Children is able to help more and more children from desperate social backgrounds in Belarus. Every child we are able to help returns to Belarus with improved health, educational prospects and with greater confidence to face the challenges in their lives. Just the knowledge that they are loved and cared for by their UK host family can make a huge difference to their lives. There are many ways that you can help us.
Become a Host Family

By having a child to stay in your home for a month, where they can eat nourishing food, get access to essential healthcare and simply breathe clean air, you can give the children of Belarus hope for a better future.

You will have the full support of the charity and the interpreters before and during the stay. It may seem daunting to welcome an unknown child into your home for a month, but think how daunted a small seven-year-old child feels in a strange country for the first time, and think how desperate their family must be to have agreed to let them come to another country for respite at such a young age. You can help to change that child’s life, improve their health and give them a second chance for a happy childhood and future.

To enquire about becoming a host family please contact us here.
All host families are vetted prior to acceptance and will have the full support and guidance from the charity throughout the visits.
Clcik to watch our visit to Everton Finch Farm
Help with visits

If you are not able to host a child, there are still lots of ways that you can help with the visit - arranging activities, seeking provisions, hosting an interpreter, and helping out on activity days are just a few. Please  contact us here for more details.

Fund Raising

Throughout the year, we raise funds towards our future visits by running a range of events. These events rely on the support of the FOCC Maghull and Ormskirk community - family, friends and anyone looking to support the charity. 

Some of our events include

- Annual football event at Finch Farm (Everton's trainning ground)
- Race nights
- Charity fun runs
- Monthly lottery draws (£100 to the winner and £50 to the runner up!)

If you would be interested in participating in any of these events then please get in touch on our contact us page ​and we would be more than happy to share more details with you. 


Every donation counts. If you are able to donate some money to help our children, then please do so. All donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to helping the children.